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Back To School Ultimate Guide: What to Say, How to Play, What to Read

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    And another school year begins! There are many meaningful ways to support children through times of change. However, as a team of educators and parents, we're especially passionate about three types of support: what we're saying, how we’re playing, and what we’re reading. This digital guide was written by Lauren Vien, our Education Director and author of the Guide to Positive Language Strategies. You’ll find tips and tricks that she used as a classroom teacher + effective, everyday strategies she uses as a parent. Here’s how our Back to School Ultimate Guide is structured:

    What to Say
    These Positive Language strategies will help prepare your child for a new school year and support your child as he or she adjusts to new school routines.

    How to Play
    These playful, shared experiences will set the tone for your child’s school day and ease the transition from school to home.

    What to Read
    This teacher curated selection of back-to-school books offer relatable characters, unique perspectives, and lots of conversation starters! You'll find recommendations for toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids.

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    Digital Download: The Back to School Ultimate Guide will be sent to your inbox immediately upon checkout. 

    Includes: 14-Page Beautifully Designed Guide PDF

    Guide Content: Intro, 6 Positive Language strategies, 6 Ways to Playfully Connect With Your Child Before School, 6 Ways to Playfully Support Your Child After School, 6 Book Recommendations for Toddlers and Preschoolers, 6 Book Recommendations for Kindergartners & Beyond

    About the Author:
    Lauren Vien, M.Ed., taught in private Manhattan preschools for over a decade before joining the Rose & Rex team as Education Director. With a masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from NYU, Lauren is deeply passionate about positive language and developmental play. She lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and two young children, Henry and Violet. Family pastimes include building with couch cushions, exploring special "nature spots" in Central Park, and scooting to neighborhood playgrounds.

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