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About Us

Rose & Rex is a toy boutique, offering curated content and a selection of elegantly designed toys that promote imaginative play.

Rose & Rex is the destination for playful parenting. Our resources help families connect through Positive Language strategies and play experiences.

We believe in cultivating

  • wild imaginations
  • empathetic thinkers
  • creative problem-solvers

True play is not driven by results.
It’s open-ended.

It’s rich with infinite possibilities,
instead of one solution.

It engages rather than entertains.

It shapes curiosity into
foundational skills.

It stimulates discovery.

It helps children build a bridge,
enhancing their
connection with the world.

Meet our Founder

  • Allison Klein received a B.A. in Anthropology with minors in Psychology and Writing from Washington University in St. Louis, and a dual M.S.ED degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education. While in graduate school, Allison studied the importance of imaginative play on early childhood development, and later applied this research in pre-kindergarten classrooms where she worked. As she watched her students grow and transform through play, Allison knew she wanted to start a broad conversation about the importance of play for children in today’s results-driven culture.

    Now a play-based tutor, when Allison is not working with children or playing with blocks, she loves to explore Central Park, drink matcha tea and practice pilates. A native New Yorker, Allison lives on the Upper East Side and appreciates the abundance of experiential learning opportunities that exist on every block.