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5 Ways to Play with Sarah’s Play Silks

Welcome to “5 Ways to Play With…”, a new series where we arm you with five play activities for one toy. Today we’re talking about Play Silks, one of our most versatile open-ended toys. A staple of Waldorf education, these durable silks can be re-imagined and used hundreds of ways. From sensory to imaginative play, Play Silks grow with your kiddos as they develop new skills. Here are just five play activities for little ones age two and older to enjoy, but the possibilities are truly endless!   

No. 1

Build a Fort

Gather couch cushions, pillows, chairs, and use your silk as a dreamy canopy. Enhance play with open-ended questions about the environment: Where is this magical fort located? Who else lives nearby?

No. 2

Make A Doorway Puppet Stage

Gently attach the corners of your Play Silk to your doorway and voila—a curtain for your little one’s next puppet show.

No. 3

Throw a Dance Party!

Turn up your favorite playlist and use your Play Silk as a streamer—a great way to encourage physical play and get the gross motor system moving.

No. 4

Wear as a Costume

From super hero cape to butterfly wings, your child can transform into a character with the twist of a bow.

No. 5

Play Popcorn Together

Super fun for group play, hold each side of the silk by the corners. Place a small felt ball or soft plush toy in the center of your silk. Move and billow the fabric so the ball jumps into the air like popcorn popping! Work together to keep the toy on the silk.

Try any of the above play activities? We love hearing where kiddo’s imagination went. Use #RoseandRexPlay to share your play moments.

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