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5 Ways to Play with Toki Mats

We adore mom-founded brand, Toki Mats, which helps parents create safe, engaging play spaces for their little ones. A Toki Mat instantly becomes a family’s go-to spot, from tummy time to storytime! Toki Mats are unique because they’re soft enough to catch tumbles, yet firm enough to support standing. They’re also easy to clean, portable and storable. With a removable organic cotton cover, side zipper closures, and natural rubber inserts, Toki Mats enhance family play experiences from one developmental stage to another. Just imagine the memories you’ll make in the space you create!

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to play with Toki Mats:

Use your Toki Mat as a playful “getting ready” spot.

When it’s time to get your baby dressed for the day, head to your Toki Mat. Lay your baby down and sing this song as you playfully put his or her clothing on. This also works for diaper changes and dressing in layers of outdoor attire!

Baby Put Your Pants On (to the tune of Shortnin’ Bread)

Baby put your pants on, pants on, pants on 

Baby put your pants on 1,2,3 (Repeat)

Leg to the left

Leg to the right

Wiggle and jiggle and pull ‘em up tight (Repeat)

Embrace Playtime Au Naturel.

Try providing your baby with daily opportunities to play on the Toki Mat, wearing just his or her diaper. Diaper-only playtime allows babies to move freely, while exploring how their bodies relate to the surface beneath them. Body awareness significantly impacts a baby’s gross motor abilities and leads to physical milestones, such as rolling, sitting, and crawling. 

Grab some blocks and get building.

Encourage your baby to help you stack blocks into a tall tower or simply stack the blocks while your baby observes. Once the tower is complete, support your baby in a standing position beside the block tower, with his or her feet on the mat. The highest block should be level with your little one’s shoulders. Encourage your baby to “knock it down”. Together, enjoy the sensory stimulation of a giant crash onto the Toki Mat!

Play a round of Hide & Seek. 

Support your baby’s ability to understand object permanence: the concept that a person or object continues to exist, even when your baby can’t see it. While playing on the Toki Mat, hide a familiar toy under the corner of the mat and ask your baby, “Where did your toy go?” Pause to give your baby an opportunity to search or gesture. He or she might explore the bumpy surface that the toy created before uncovering the toy. You may need to uncover the toy yourself and say, “Here it is! The toy was under the Toki Mat!”

Create a space for family connection.

Place your Toki Mat in a cozy corner of your favorite room in the house. Keep a few of your baby’s favorite toys or books beside your Toki Mat to inspire family play sessions. Make a conscious effort to head to this space the moment you arrive home. Whether you’re reconnecting with your baby after a long day of work or you’ve spent the entire day together and are returning from a quick trip to the grocery store, play is all you need!

6 years ago, Eli Yonas noticed something huge was missing from the baby care market: a play mat that was comfortable, high-quality, and non-toxic. Being a mother herself, she set the highest standards with her own children in mind, and created the mat that so many parents had been searching for. Crafted from natural latex foam and other globally-certified, organic materials, Toki Mats are unmatched in safety and comfort. Their soft, springy padding supports gross motor development, and they are uniquely designed to be foldable, portable, and washable.

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