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How to Use The Calm Mind Kit From Breakfast to Bedtime

Through a playful approach to mindfulness, we can give our children strategies to reduce stress, boost confidence, and build connection. 

We’re thrilled to relaunch our Calm Mind Kit, which contains everything you need to introduce mindfulness and meditation to your family in a playful way. As part of our celebration, we’re sharing real families’ Mindful Moments and offering practical strategies to cultivate calm throughout the day- from breakfast to bedtime.  

What is a Mindful Moment?

Mindfulness is simply about being present, or the act of paying attention to what’s happening inside and outside of your body right now. There’s a misconception that Mindful Moments should be quiet, serious, and still. We encourage you to embrace the silly, sweaty, heart-racing moments you share as a family; active play and movement are great ways to connect the mind and the body!

How can we create Mindful Moments for our families?

A Mindful Moment can happen at any time of day or even on-the-go! Just after your kids wake up, a Mindful Moment can help set the tone for the day. You might also find that a mid-day pause or check-in serves your family well. Maybe you bring your Calm Mind Kit to cultivate calm on your commute or to help ease transitions. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use the Calm Mind Kit throughout the day:  

Early Morning: Get Moving

Start the day with some mindful movement! Have a family dance party and notice how it feels to move your body, twirl in a circle or hear your favorite song. Head outside and run, stomp, march, cartwheel or roll through the grass. How does your body feel? How does your mind feel?

School Commute: Playful Breathing Exercises

If you’re taking public transit, lead your child in a simple breathing exercise. (Check out the Happy Hummingbird exercise in our Calm Mind Kit!) If your children are riding together in the backseat of your car, they can practice moving a play scarf with their breath. The play scarf offers visual feedback during breath exploration and we’ve included one in the Calm Mind Kit.

Afterschool: Sensory Exploration

Head to the kitchen with your child and make your own playdough. The process of combining ingredients and kneading the dough will engage your muscles and awaken your senses. Continue your sensory exploration as you roll, shape and smash your homemade dough!

While You’re Prepping Dinner: Independent Block Play

Offer your child a set of small wooden blocks so they can independently work on stacking and balancing. This exercise requires patience, inner focus, trial and error. Balancing blocks enhances problem-solving skills and provides valuable opportunities to practice flexibility. We’ve included a set of uniquely shaped wooden stacking blocks in the Calm Mind Kit. 

Bedtime: Guided Mini Meditation

Dim the lights, get cozy, and have a parent or older sibling lead the whole family in a short guided meditation. In the Calm Mind Kit, you’ll find one of our favorite meditations, Color All Around You.  

From breakfast to bedtime, the possibilities of the Calm Mind Kit are endless! We invite you to share your family’s Mindful Moments on Instagram using the hashtag #CalmMindKit.

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