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Firecracker Process Art

Fireworks have been used for centuries as a form of celebration. The colorful flames and sparks light up the evening sky as various colors mix together to entertain enthusiastic observers. Art, like fireworks, is also a form of entertainment, and an opportunity to help children find their creative spark. Firecracker art is a sustainable process-oriented activity that encourages children to experiment with color mixing and use their creative eye to produce an original project.


1.) Gather paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

2.) Cut slits around the roll that are approximately an inch deep and an inch apart. Depending on his/her age your kiddo might need some help with this step. If he or she is not using scissors yet, you can support this process by modeling proper grip and cutting procedures.

3.) Prepare a palette or tray with large circles of red and blue paint.

4.) Dunk the firecracker rolls into the paint and stamp them onto a large piece of white paper.

5.) Encourage your little one to continue the stamping process until his or her process-art masterpiece is complete!  

Why this project?

  • This art exploration offers a process-oriented way to complete a themed craft.
  • Using scissors and stamping with the roll strengthens fine motor skills.
  • The project enhances executive functioning skills through a multi-step activity. First your child is cutting the paper towel roll, then they are dipping it into the paint, and finally they stamp it on the white paper.
  • This craft introduces the concept of recycling by using sustainable art.
  • Firecracker art will support children's’ spatial awareness as they create their own designs across the paper and spread out the stamps however they choose.


About the Author

Rebecca Smallberg is a preschool teacher on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She received her B.A. at Syracuse University, where she studied education and she received her M.S.Ed from Bank Street College with a focus on early childhood and special education. 

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