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Make-It-Yourself Unicorn Headband

Unicorns are a favorite around here, what with the sparkling magic and all. With this simple, totally charming DIY, encourage dress-up and imaginative play any afternoon. Invite kiddo to join in on the creative fun, or throw this project together as a sweet surprise. When you’re done crafting, try our open-ended questions at the end to jump-start storytelling and open-ended play! 


  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 fuzzy headband (or headband wrapped in thick yarn)
  • 3 pieces of 9” x 12” felt fabric (colors of your choice)
  • -1 piece felt ears outside
  • -1 piece felt ears inside
  • -1 piece felt horn
  • Gold thread
  • Wool or cotton balls
  • Decorative flowers (available at craft stores)


Step 1:

Select the sheet of felt you wish to make the ears with and fold in half. With the fold facing you, draw your ear shapes lightly on the fabric—the tip of the ear should point away from the fold. Keeping fabric tightly folded, carefully cut around the outlined shape. As you cut, make sure your ear pieces stay connected by the center fold so you can easily wrap around the headband.

Step 2:

Take the felt you’ve chosen for the inner ear. Draw two identical tear-drop shapes and cut out.

Step 3:

Wrap each ear piece around the headband and secure with hot glue. Then, glue the inner ear cut-outs to the center of each ear.

Step 4:

Next, let’s make the horn. Trace a triangle shape onto your third piece of felt, then cut it out.

Step 5:

Take your triangle and carefully roll into a cone shape, securing each section with hot glue as you roll.

Step 6:

Once your unicorn horn has dried, stuff with wool to give it a nice stiff structure.  

Step 7:

Attach the bottom of the horn to the headband and secure with hot glue.

Step 8:

Starting at the base of the horn, wrap the gold string around spiraling upward. When you’ve reached the top, glue the end of the string to the fabric to secure.

And now, add the final touches! Take your decorative flowers and glue a pattern around the base of the horn, under the ears, or anywhere you see fit.  Your unicorn horn is complete, but the magic is just getting started.

Try these open-ended questions to jump-start imaginative play!

  1. Does this unicorn have a name?
  2. Where is this unicorn headed?
  3. Can you describe (or build) the land where this unicorn lives?
  4. What does a unicorn like to eat?

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Photos by Mary Grace Bernstein 

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