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Make-it-Yourself Wizard Hat & Beard

We love playing dress-up beyond Halloween, but the costume-clad holiday is surely one of our favorite opportunities for play, creativity, and character building. Inviting children—especially older children—to make their own costume or costume accessories is a fantastic way to encourage their creative process and stir their imagination. Here’s a delightful, easy costume to whip up for or with your little one, no magic required.


  • 3 pieces of 9” x 12” felt in color of your choice
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gold wire
  • Scissors
  • Round plate (or anything circular to trace the brim. Use your eye to measure).
  • Yarn or string

Directions for Wizard Hat:

Step 1:

On a single sheet of felt, trace the shape of the plate with a pen or pencil (you are outlining the brim of the hat). Cut out your traced large circle and set aside.

Step 2:

Glue the two remaining felt sheets together by their long side to make one large sheet (this will become the cone part of the hat). Take your large sheet and fold in half. Draw a diagonal line from the outside corner to opposite inner corner. Cut along the line making sure to keep the fabric tightly folded. When you unfold the sheet, you should have a large triangle.

Step 3:

Measure about one inch down from the top of the triangle and cut a horizontal line across. Take your large triangle and, starting at the top, slowly roll into a point. Continue rolling into a cone shape. Use the hot glue gun to secure sections in place as you roll. Once secure, flip and fold up the bottom edge about an inch to create an even circumference.

Step 4:

Place your cone in the center of your cut-out circle. Trace around its edge with a marker or pencil, then set it aside. Cut out the inner circle you just traced. You’ll be left with a donut shape. You could totally take a donut break for “inspirational” purposes here.

Step 5:

Grab your felt cone and make small, evenly-spaced cuts around its folded edge creating a fringe-like bottom. Slide the cone through the donut-shaped circle (your brim).

Step 6:

Secure the cone by gluing the felt flaps to the underside of the brim.

Step 7:

Wrap the gold wire around the outside of the hat in a spiral—you can get creative here. Ta-da! Your wizard hat is complete! Now think of the first spell you’ll cast...

Tip: To make sure the hat stays securely on the head. Fasten a string to either side and tie under chin. 

Directions for Beard:

Step 1:

Start with a piece of yarn that’s cut long enough to tie around the back of the child’s head. This will be the “mustache” portion of the beard, so it should be long enough to wrap around their head, resting above the lip (you can eyeball these measurements). Next, make the mouthpiece by tying a smaller piece of yarn in the middle of the longer string.

Step 2:

Cut small pieces of yarn for the top of the mouthpiece—these will fill out the mustache area. Loop and tie them around the long,  main piece of yarn.

Step 3:

Repeat the above steps with longer pieces of yarn to make the beard, tying and securing to the smaller string (the bottom of the mouth). You’re all done! A full beard for the wizard (or character) of your choice!

Now it’s time for fun!

Share your wizard hat, beard, and other costume creations with #roseandrexplay.

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