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Our final Rose & Rex #VID is John of our favorite father-daughter-founded brand, Gunner + Lux. Gunner + Lux creates the most collectible, vintage-inspired jewels and accessories for aspiring fashionistas. We especially love how they inspire creativity through their DIY necklace kits!

We are big fans of all things Gunner + Lux. From your playful, unique designs to your special relationship with Riley. Tell us a bit about the story behind Gunner + Lux and how the brand came to be.

Our story is that Riley loved to play dress up, accessorize, and find fashion inspiration at a very young age. During the summer of 2015, when Riley was just 5 years old she decided to use the vintage jewelry that I had collected for her to create her very first necklace.  She learned how to use pliers, tweezers, and tie knots as she developed her own line of colorful, whimsical accessories.

Riley and I worked on these necklaces together after dinner each night.  Soon, Riley began selling her individual charms at her summer lemonade stand, then on her website, and before we both knew it…the jewelry was being sold in stores all around the world.

Together, we created something truly unique.  We hope that our story and our designs inspire and bring smiles to those who START COLLECTING.

What is a typical day like working with Riley?

A typical day working with Riley is always a little different! Some days Riley spends time just working on ideas for new jewelry. She will show me colors and inspiration of what she is thinking about. Other days we are just packing orders like crazy and she is writing THANK YOU NOTES until her arm falls off. Other days we are contacting new wholesale accounts, or working on our website. Today Riley is picking out the latest book for our Gunner & Lux BOOKWORM BOOKCLUB (we have a new book every month) We are always trying to keep it fun. We have lots of Dance Breaks and try to make each other laugh!

What are some ways that Riley inspires you?

Riley inspires me in so many ways. She is really fearless. She will try anything. From Speaking in front of a large group of adults about her business to traveling all over the country and teaching over 30+ Jewelry Making Events to kids her ages! I mean when I was her age, I was blowing up GI JOES! She is 9 years old now, and has her own thriving jewelry business!!

What are your biggest learnings as a dad, and how that has influenced your work?

As a dad, I just have learned to take it one day at a time. Each day I am so lucky to be able to work with Riley.   Watching her grow, watching her meet so many incredible amazing women entrepreneurs. Each day is really a gift, so I just take it all in.  Life with kids moves so fast…so I just want to be with her as much as I can...before she realizes she really doesn’t need me! LOL!

Favorite ritual / hobby / activity with Riley

We love traveling…and we are always going to our wholesale stores and checking out Riley's jewelry and saying hello to our amazing stockists when we travel! We love New York and Washington, We have been to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and have big plans for Paris!

Describe your ideal Father’s Day

My ideal Father’s Day would just be all of us together, some Dancing, a giant Pizza…and maybe a nap!

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