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Jamie Kolnick

Jamie Kolnick is the Founder & CEO of Jam with Jamie, a children’s entertainment company bringing the best tunes to kiddos and their families nationwide. Jamie lives with her family in NYC and is mama to two delicious toddler boys Zach and Evan.

My goal when choosing toys for my children is finding toys that are vehicles for imaginative play. Each of the toys I’ve chosen evokes just that, and are multi-purposed. I can imagine my sons Zach and Evan serving me ice cream from his ice cream stand, the rainbow balls becoming different locations in a theme park, and then becoming a part of an obstacle course. The play silks from a large cape to an apron to a plane. My sons are incredibly active and I am always looking for ways to help them slow down, the calm mind kit does just this, as does the Everyday Play Deck. 

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