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Jennie Monness

Jennie Monness is the Founder of Mo’Mommies, a resource for new and expectant mothers to connect, share, and foster community, as well as a partner at NYC-based Union Square Play. With a background in early childhood education, the RIE Educaring approach has inspired Jennie’s philosophies and approach to parenting. Jennie is mom to Tess, 2, and new baby girl Nell.

I am always looking at toys based on my philosophy of open ended, child led play experiences. This holiday, I’m adding some options that are more "purposed" toys because my daughter is now a toddler. She is in need of more strategic play than when she was 18 months, and loves smaller parts now.So while the nesting bowls are still incredible for her to use her own imagination to come up with uses for them, I also chose some toys that can help inspire pretend play. The baby doll set and pizza set for instance, automatically create a play experience where a child can start with the symbolic use and then create their own story around it (a pizza parlor for instance). The dollhouse is something that I would also add at this point because she is very much into pretend play with smaller parts. With a baby on the way, it helps with emotional aspects as well! 

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