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Who:Designed by Dorthe Mailil


Why we love them:Charming Maileg toys connect with kids’ curiosity and invite tons of storytelling opportunities. Birthday on the way? Buy a Maileg mouse for a can’t-go-wrong gift guaranteed to get smiles.


Maileg, Maileg Mice, Maileg Furniture, Maileg Dolls, Stuffed Animals, Princess Mouse and the Pea, Prince Mouse, Little Rose Hippo, Little Blue Hippo, Mini Red Fox, Sleepy Wakey Bambi, Big Sister Mouse, Big Brother Mouse, Little Brother Mouse, Little Sister Mouse, Mouse in a matchbox, Peas in a Pod Rattle, Corn Cob Rattler, Leek Rattle, Radish Rattle, Carrot Rattle, Little Grey Rhino, Truffle the Pig, Stuffed Pig, Mermaid Rattle, Winter Sister Mouse, Winter Brother Mouse, Penguin in Striped Scarf, Stuffed Penguin, Pixy Mouse in Suitcase, Pixy Mouse, Koala Bear, Stuffed Koala, Grandma and Grandpa Mouse, Pirate Ship Rattle Set, Cousin Mouse, Bunny and the Pea Set, Tooth Fairy Mouse, Rabbit Best Friend, Cat Best Friend, Dog Best Friend, Stuffed Hedgehog, Micro Rabbit, Baby Rabbit, Winter Wolf, Winter Squirrel, Winter Fox

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