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Marisol Morley

Marisol Morley is the CEO and Creative Director of Tiny Kitchen Treats, the ultimate source for custom cookie artistry. A self taught baker, Marisol recently created cookies for the Royal Baby Shower, and co-founded a creative baking space in Brooklyn called Tiny Monster Academy. She is mama to Julia, 3 and James, 1. 

I love buying my children toys that feel meaningful for our family. There are so many fun, pretend cooking and baking picks on my list, as well as a guitar as both my husband Andrew and I are musicians. Maileg is always a favorite, too  -- we can never have too many mice -- and my go-to gift is always the Tooth Fairy Mouse. Their soft colors and whimsical design make me feel better when they’re inevitably strewn about the house! My all time favorite toy is the set of Grapat bowls. Both Julia and James can enjoy them together and in different ways, whether it’s for pretend or just a bit of chewing ;-)

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