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Mo' Mommies

Jennie Monness is an Early Childhood Specialist, the Founder of go-to resource Mo' Mommies and a Co-Founder of Union Square Play in Manhattan. Through her work, Jennie is committed to supporting moms through their parenting journey while honoring the unique developmental path of every child. 


"It's magical when you see pretend play moments where children create their own world through play. When I choose toys, I think of the possibilities that each toy has. Toys should be able to be manipulated in many ways and inspire creativity, imagination and curiosity. They should encourage a child to be active rather than passive; to be engaged and involved rather than entertained and overstimulated. With the right environment and materials, children get lost in play that just flows. I find that Rose & Rex has such an incredibly thoughtful selection of toys that possess all of the things that I value in play. I've carefully chosen my favorites based on the things I find most important in play!"  


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