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On-Demand Class: Positive Language Strategies for Social Settings

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  • Description

    Within 24 hours of purchasing, you will receive a link to view the class and a digital handout outlining the Positive Language strategies that were discussed. 

    For many families, life is beginning to shift. Social circles are expanding, extended families are reuniting, and children are beginning to navigate a variety of social settings. Join Lauren Vien, Education Director and author of our bestselling Guide to Positive Language Strategies, for a webinar that explores how we can support our children before, during, and after these new or unfamiliar social experiences.  Whether your child is heading back to the neighborhood sandbox or preparing for a large family gathering, Lauren will offer valuable tips that you can put into practice now… and in the years ahead!   

    Topics covered:

    • Navigating shared spaces and materials
    • Reading body language and facial expressions
    • Setting physical boundaries before gatherings/reunions
    • Preparing for outings to new/unfamiliar social settings
    • Balancing social experiences with independent play

    Rose & Rex

  • Materials & Safety

    Webinar registration includes:

    45 mins of instruction, followed by Q & A

    Digital handout of practical Positive Language strategies

    Recording of live webinar experience

    Participants who attend live will have the opportunity to:

    Submit questions in real time
    Engage in group polls

    After the virtual event, a recording will be sent via email to all who have registered.

  • Play is okay! tip

    What participants are saying about past workshop experiences:

    "I thought the class was really great! It was fun, engaging and helpful. (I didn’t think I would ever describe a parenting class as “fun”, but it really was!) I think you really heard people’s concerns and addressed them in a helpful way. I found it very beneficial! Thank you so much!”

    “Lauren is spectacular! She shares her knowledge in a way that’s easy to digest and helpful. She is relatable and comes from a kind place whenever sharing feedback. The group was great!”