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    Our Education Director, Lauren Vien, is currently scheduling phone consultations with parents seeking Positive Language strategies. Lauren is the author of our bestselling Guide to Positive Language Strategies and spent over 10 years teaching in private Manhattan preschools before joining the Rose & Rex team. With a Masters in Early Childhood Education / Special Education from NYU and two young children of her own, Lauren can certainly relate to the joys and challenges of parenting!

    When booking your private consultation, please indicate what type of Positive Language strategies you’re seeking:

    Topics include: 

    • Limit Testing (And Limit Setting!)
    • Sibling Dynamics
    • Sharing Struggles
    • Challenging Physical Behaviors
    • Supporting Your "Shy" Childs
    • Family Routine Refresh 
    • Custom
    Following your 30 minute phone consultation, you will receive a PDF outlining the Positive Language strategies discussed. Each consultation is customized to meet the unique needs of individual families.
    • Materials & Safety

      Upon payment, you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule a phone consultation with Lauren Vien. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule. In the event that you and Lauren are unable to coordinate, you will receive a full refund. 

    “Rose & Rex positive language strategies have helped me feel better about the way I speak to my toddler. Instead of constantly saying ‘NO!’ I have learned how to provide him with the information he needs to make better choices.”

    Rose & Rex Customer,
    Mother of August

    More Ways to
    Work With Us

    Gather your fave group of neighborhood parents (or grandparents!) for an interactive workshop experience. Whether you’re desperate to get your child talking after a long day apart or wondering how to support sharing at your local sandbox, we've got you covered! Positive Language Parties are also a great option for your next couples' night. Learn valuable strategies in a relaxed social setting.
    As a teacher-founded company, we are committed to supporting fellow educators. Our positive language approach will help you clarify expectations and empower your students to modify their own behavior. This means less hovering for you and more problem solving opportunities for them.
    We work with individual families, as well as agencies, to train caregivers in our positive language approach. When it comes to setting limits and offering meaningful consequences to young children, consistency is crucial. Our trainings are a simple, straightforward way to ensure that families and caregivers are on the same positive language page!
    Support the parents in your workforce by offering lectures, custom workshops, or ongoing group meetings. Corporate culture perks, such as parenting seminars, have a significant impact on your employees' health, happiness, and success. We work with corporate teams of all sizes—from intimate small-group experiences to company-wide positive language events.

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