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Stacie Lang

Stacie Lang is the creator of the cult-favorite girls’ clothing collection Alice & Ames. This Arizona-based mama of FOUR girls creates classic & playful clothes that both parents and kiddos adore! 

My girls never seem to ask for any “big stuff” for special holidays. At first that could sound like a great problem to have, but if we’re not careful, it usually means a lot of odds and ends that can get forgotten about quickly.  As a minimalist, I try to make sure to at least be meaningful with the “little things” we get them. That means making sure each gift will last forever (like a hardcover book or heirloom doll), can get used up completely (like crayons or a craft kit), or can be passed down from one child to the next easily (think well-made bikes, blocks, or instruments). With that in mind, I love gifting educational toys or things that encourage them to get outside and really play.  One reason we love Rose + Rex (aside from Allie the owner being the nicest human ever!), is that everything on the site has already been curated by teachers and encourages skillful or imaginative play. The hard part of shopping around is totally cut out! Plus, every toy is gorgeous and when inevitably left on the floor, can totally double as cute playroom decor. ;)

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