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Gift Ideas for Baby

This collection of unique, open-ended toys will last well beyond babyhood. Whether you’re searching for musical gifts to inspire family dance parties or active toys for your busy babe, these play materials serve as an introduction to sensory play. Here’s to gifts that help stimulate baby’s developing senses while bringing out that irresistible smile!

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Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Once toddlerhood arrives, you may find your little one with more of everything: more energy, more enthusiasm and a more colorful imagination. Lean on these toys to help make the most of a toddler's curiosity and support his/her cognitive, emotional and physical development. 

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Gifts For Pre-Schoolers

The preschool years are pure magic, fueled by everyday investigations and pretend-play experiences. In this collection, you’ll find our favorite play materials that support STEAM learning and imaginative play. These gifts will inspire your preschooler to move, create, explore, and pretend.  

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Gifts For Big Kids

Support your child’s artistic endeavors and in-depth investigations as they strengthen existing skills and develop new ones. Whether your kiddo is a design enthusiast, adventure lover or budding architect, these gifts are sure to engage and inspire.

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Gifts For Under $20

A creative round up of our favorite toys for twenty dollars or less! Think stocking stuffers at Christmas, birthdays or just because you want to gift a little bit of play!

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Gifts from Grandparents

Special gifts coming from Grandma or Grandpa! Whether you gift an heirloom quality block set, a real sewing kit or pretend grandparent mice, these timeless toys will delight your grandchild for years to come! 

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A round up of our favorite toys that make a splash! Think play kitchens, bikes and ultimate block sets. These are gifts that make a BIG impact!

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Gifts For Punk Rockers & Street Artists

This eclectic roundup will get a thumbs-up from every creative kiddo on your list! From our favorite mini guitar to a custom tote bag featuring your little one’s artwork, these gifts will inspire budding artists of all ages. 

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Gifts for Designers & City Planners

Build, stack, balance, connect. Our favorite STEAM picks allow kiddos to create their very own towns, highways, and rainbow-colored worlds.  

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Gifts for Little Nesters

An entire collection curated for little ones whose play revolves around home, family, and friends. Whether they spend their days preparing pretend meals for plush friends or tucking their favorite dolls into tiny beds, these unique gifts will help little nesters bring their favorite pretend play scenarios to life.

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Gifts for Stargazers & Dreamers

Our favorite picks for aspiring astronomers and fantasy seekers. These enchanting gifts will transport your little one to magical worlds of make believe! 

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Gifts for The Wild at Heart

Calling all nature lovers! From exotic plush friends to outdoor adventure gear, these gifts will be a roaring success for any kiddo in awe of the wild.

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Gifts for Thrill Seekers

Let’s go! These fast-paced gifts support gross motor development through active play and encourage children to physically challenge themselves- both indoors and outdoors.    

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Gifts for Wooden Toy Lovers

These lovingly crafted wooden toys will be part of your family’s play experiences for many years to come. Unique block sets, pretend play props, playful resources for at-home learning… and more!   

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