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Child's Toy Bundle

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    Filled with inspiring toys and activities, this bundle takes kids’ imaginations in new creative directions. We added up the price of all the toys in this children's gift bundle and knocked off 10%! 


    • Pirasta Food Fight Coloring Poster — Unroll this GIANT coloring poster for an artistic adventure that stretches physical and mental muscles.


    • Areaware Balancing Blocks — For sophisticated building adventures, this set of faceted wooden blocks fascinates and only gets better with age.


    • Lille Huset House — Put this sleek house together, then fill it with found materials, characters and stories. Decorate, build, imagine.


    • Abby Jac Rose & Rex Dolls — Stimulate literacy and storytelling opportunities with our set of specially made dolls that feature chalk bellies for endless drawing, scripting, and designing. Bonus: they fit in the Lille Huset house.