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  • Coordination
  • Fine Motor
  • Literacy

Karuma Car

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Provides 2 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Vroom! There’s a reason the toy car remains a play staple. Starting in their tot years, young children are keen investigators of their surroundings—they see, they use! And few things are more fascinating than how and why a vehicle moves. Pull backwards on these friction-motor cars and they move on their own. Made of high-quality beechwood painted with a stylish pop of color, your kiddo will be endlessly curious about them and you’ll be delighted at how pretty they look scattered across your living room.

    Designed By Kukkia-Kiko+

  • Materials & Safety

    Made from FCS-approved, responsibly sourced beech wood.

    Pull-back friction motor.

    Ages 2+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Cars can be characters too! Prompt your child to use their cars in dramatic play by making voices or creating unique personalities.