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#CultivateCalm Spotlight on Ariane Goldman (+ A Special Event Invite!)

On February 26th we're excited to bring the Calm Mind Kit to life with an event on Finding Family Zen with MNDFL at the HATCH collection store in NYC. In advance of the event, we asked mom, HATCH founder and all around source of inspiration, Ariane Goldman, for a few thoughts on cultivating calm in the midst of it all! 

We are huge fans of HATCH and how your clothes are all about celebrating women at every stage -- before, during, and after pregnancy. We also love how you’re supporting your customers and creating community with your retail stores. Tell us a bit about what you’ve set out to create and what’s inspired you along the way.

Having a physical space allows us to connect with women outside of our clothing and to provide them with a place where they feel protected and understood. It's the beginning of the next chapter for HATCH as being more than just a solution-driven product company, but a community-driven brand that sells really great product.

What's inspired me along the way are women who meet at HATCH and thank us for bringing them together - whether they're moms who were due three months apart and made a new friend, or a woman who just had a miscarriage and now has a community to share the experience with, or a woman who simply didn’t know what a doula did.

As a successful entrepreneur & mom - what are some ways that you #cultivatecalm personally and with your family?

Personally, either a yoga class or a martini. With my family, we get out of the city to hibernate together and get out of the noise.

What is one piece of advice you would give to mamas trying to balance motherhood and a career?

Don’t be too hard on yourself!

What does being mindful mean to you?

Being mindful is connecting with what I define as what “truly matters”. What truly matters to me is my family and children, in which case I often readjust my life to figure out everything around them. So "being mindful" is prioritizing based on what brings me happiness.

What is your favorite toy in the Calm Mind Kit?

I think it's safe to say that my girls both love the exercises with the Natural Eco Dough the most! 


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