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Digital Guide: Finding Your Family Zen

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    Now more than ever, it’s important to empower children with social and emotional skills. Through a combination of mindfulness, play experiences, and positive language strategies, The Rose & Rex Guide to Finding Your Family Zen is designed to help families reduce stress, build connection, and find joy in the present moment. The Guide is divided into three sections: Pause, Empathize and Play. In each section, you will learn how to put our play-based mindfulness approach into practice. We've paired actionable strategies with Activity Cards from our bestselling Calm Mind Kit to meet the needs of your entire family. From building an emotional vocabulary to practicing deep belly breaths, the Guide to Finding Your Family Zen will equip you with a toolbox of techniques to support your family’s emotional health and happiness.

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  • Play is okay! tip

    The Rose & Rex Guide to Finding Your Family Zen is designed to help you think about teaching social and emotional skills to your children in the same deliberate way you would teach them academic skills like reading and math.

    Sample tip from the guide:

    Brainstorm playful ways to approach the everyday activities you share as a family.

    • Put on some favorite tunes and sing along as you prepare for the day ahead.
    • Invite your little one to take on the roll of sous chef as you prepare a meal together.
    • Turn clean up time into a game of freeze dance. When the music is on, you clean. When the music is paused, you freeze!
    • Use a puppet to ask your child about their day.
    • Shift bath time earlier so your child can linger with bath toys and bubbles, instead of rushing to bed!